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This clinic does not promote just one skin care range.  We are experienced in the effects of a variety of quality specialist products to suit all skin types.  We can treat the most delicate and sensitive skins, through to the most congested and reactive skins. Mature skin is our speciality!


THE DREAM FACIAL – a gentle head & neck massage followed by an acupressure point massage to release tension, headaches and tight muscles.  Cleanse, exfoliate, aromatherapy face, neck and shoulder massage, hand or foot massage, mask, tone and moisturise. A ‘knock out’ dream & hypnotic facial!  (1hr 10mins)                        £46.00


AROMATHERAPY FACIAL – includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, aromatherapy face, neck and shoulder massage using specially prepared aromatherapy oils to enhance total relaxation and treat each specific skin type, mask, &  moisturise.  (1hr)          £42.00


DEEP CLEANSE WITH BIO PEEL FACIAL – As Aroma Facial above, but includes a special treatment to remove dead skin and congestion.  Excellent for sun exposed skin.  Generally improves the complexion and allows greater absorption of hydrating products. (1hr 10mins)                                                                                                            £44.00                                                                                             


PRESCRIPTION FACIAL – A tailor made facial using specialist products to suit  adolescent/greasy/neglected/mature skins.   (1hr 10mins)                                           £44.00               


THE 'ROLLS ROYCE' FACIAL – Half non-surgical face lift, half relaxing facial.  Using intense collagen & elastin gels to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and nourish the skin.  Passive pulse sensation to tone facial muscles and provide lift PLUS a relaxing face, shoulder & neck massage, mask and moisturise.  (1hr 20mins)        £48.00      

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