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The Healing Touch


Perhaps the most instinctive of all the healing arts is that of touch – just think of the way that we automatically rub a sore knee or aching shoulder!


Since ancient times many civilisations have understood and harnessed the therapeutic power of touch - in the form of massage.  (Indeed the word ‘massage’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Masah’ – meaning to stroke with the hand).


We know from ancient writings that the Chinese had a system of massage at least 5000 years ago and that the Hindus, Japanese, ancient Egyptians and Romans also used massage to prevent and treat a variety of disorders.  It remains today a highly valued therapy in many cultures around the world.


As we learn more about how it really works, massage is being increasingly embraced by medical practitioners – both to complement modern medicine and to promote positive health.


Among its physical effects, massage increases the blood circulation, improves digestion, stimulates the immune system and speeds up the elimination of waste products from the tissues.


In the hands of a fully qualified and experienced practitioner, massage, as well as being therapeutic, is a soothing, relaxing and revitalising experience – uplifting mind, body and spirit.