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A safe and painless method, medically registered and the only system of its kind.  Using a micro-current, muscles in the face and neck are toned, tightened and lifted.  Lines, wrinkles, scars and blemishes are reduced.  Skin is rejuvenated, rehydrated, repaired and retextured.  An initial course of 12 treatments over max. 8 weeks is recommended initially in order to boost the improvements and muscle tone followed by a maintenance treatment every 3-4 weeks thereafter. This method is effective, subtle and retains your natural features.


An ‘Initial Trial’ is recommended to ensure that you are comfortable with the system and that you qualify for improvement by using this system.


Initial Trial  (1hr 30mins)                                                                                                       £50.00

Course of 12  (1hr 30mins)                                                                                                £550.00

Monthly maintenance  (1hr 30mins)                                                                                  £50.00

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